The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


All our stuff is in to DHR!!!  Our homestudy had been sent to DHR a while ago, but our fingerprints were still in a holding pattern.  Mike called the man who took our fingerprints at DHR and asked him to look into it.  Hurray for Mr. Bobby Allen who tracked down our fingerprints and got them approved and through!  God really answers prayer!!!

We are now waiting for approval from DHR to adopt, and then they will start matching us with boys.  We hope this will occur by August - it'd be great if it happened sooner!!!

Our church is in the process of starting an orphan care ministry which includes a branch for adoption - home and abroad.  People are hearing God's call to take care of the parentless - those who cannot help themselves.  This is an exciting time to answer God's call!!!

Friends of ours just adopted a baby girl from China - her name is Lily, and she is precious!!  We have a link on here to their blog, "Relieve the Problem," check it out.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Homestudy Update

We got an email from our social worker that our homestudy had cleared APAC and they were ready to send it to DHR for final approval.  The only thing lacking was our criminal background (fingerprint) reports.  Mike has been told his are approved but he has not received a letter from DHR to that effect.  Kerri's are apparently still in limbo somewhere at DHR.

Please pray that this will clear up soon and not delay the final approval.