The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Unfortunately it's not going to be possible to have the boys stay the night this weekend (bummer) but we will still see them on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Zoo

We just got back from spending time with the boys and Mike's first comment was "What's not to love!"  We had an absolutely GREAT time and just really enjoyed spending time with them both.

We went to the Montgomery Zoo and, just to show how God works, it was Foster Family appreciation day and we and the boys got in free.  They also had a free lunch and an awards ceremony.  Since we planned to go out to lunch we didn't go to either (but we did take advantage of a free bottle of water).

Here are some pics:

(May 25 - Sorry - We were just told that we could not post the pics until an adoption agreement was in place.  For those of you who saw the pics while they were on here, I'm glad you did.  If you missed them, stay tuned, as soon as we have all the paperwork in order, they'll be back up here, and then some!)

We hope to spend time with them again next weekend, maybe even have them spend the night Saturday and go with us to church on Sunday morning.

We really feel God is with us and we have His peace, comfort and joy.  Please continue to pray for us and both boys.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Boys

Well, yesterday afternoon we met at DHR with several people to talk more in depth about the possibility of being matched with two boys, brothers. We talked for two and a half hours about everything we could think of, and some things we hadn't thought of. We asked questions. They asked questions, We ALL asked questions.

At the end of it all we felt good, they felt good and we told them we would like to proceed with meeting the boys for the first time. So this Saturday, May 21, we will. We are going to meet them (and their case worker) for a day at the zoo and then go to lunch. It will be a short visit but first visits usually are. What happens after that will evolve as it does.

When we started this adventure, our desire was to adopt straight out of foster care. We expected, and were told, that was a reasonable expectation. While we still think it is, at the request of DHR we are going to foster the boys for some time before we petition to adopt. This is a legal distinction and does not change our desire to and expectation of adopting the boys.

Please pray for the boys, and for us. Please pray for peace and patience for them and us. This is a life-changing event and we are excited and scared all at the same time. Please also pray that we are what they need, and want, and that they will be willing to bond with us as they become our kids. Our family.

Thank you so much for all your prayer and love. We will need even more of it in the coming months!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It takes time...

We need prayer.

For clarity and objectivity.

There is no doubt we could provide a good home.  There is no doubt we could provide what these two boys need.  We just don't know if it is what we are supposed to do.

There is a lot involved and we would both love to take them right now, but we are waiting for more information and, most importantly, listening for God's voice and guidance.  We find that this needs to be more of an intellectual decision than an emotional one.  Emotion - we got that down!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The meeting...

Well, we met with DHR this afternoon and were read-in on a case involving two boys, age 14 and 15.  They were both recently involved in Scouting (which is great considering Mike is an Eagle scout) and they are doing well in school and like being involved in athletics (which is great considering Kerri is a teacher and loves soccer and football - or is that football and football?)

Please pray for discernment, wisdom and objectivity.  A big flashing neon sign that says YES or NO would be great. 

Yeah, could one of you work on that?


Monday, May 2, 2011

Got a call...

Mike got a call today from our social worker.  She asked if we could set up a time to come to visit DHR to look at a case with two boys that appeared to be a match.  We're going Thursday, May 5.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looked at available kids...

Tonight we decided to re-visit to see if there were some new possibilities; kids that we might be interested in being considered for.  There were quite a few and we put in three requests for more information.  One of them is a single child (rather than a sibling group).