The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paperwork and Prayer

Well, we have spent a good part of the day beginning to fill out the paperwork we have as part of the adoption process. When we are done today, we will have gone through almost 70 pages of questions from how we show the emotion happiness to what was the worst part of school.

I will say this process really does make you think through a lot of "things" that most people probably don't think about. DHR requires completion of this class for that very reason.

We have to write a letter to the child(ren) we want to adopt and introduce ourselves and give them a picture of us, our home and the kitties. I am excited about going through that thought process because Kerri and I ARE really excited and we want to be able to show that to the kids.

Please continue to pray for us. That God would continue to guide us through this process with a wide path and clear passage and that we are open to ideas we may not currently be open to.

I wondered aloud when this process began how we would convey to the kids the message they need to hear, that they are loved, when everything in me tells me it will take time to come to love them. Well, now I have my answer.

It really is a strange situation to be in but let me share this: we already love our children. To someone who is not a Christian, you may not understand, but we have been praying for the kids since before we started this process. As part of that praying for, we realize that God already knows who are children are. Where they are. What they like. What they don't. And through that we have made a connection with them, and while we do not know the answers to these questions, we have comfort in knowing that God does. He always has.

We pray for our kids everyday - we ask that you guys would do the same.

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