The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catching up...

Well, it's been two weeks since we last updated our progress and a lot has happened.

The weekly classes are going well but this week's felt long and difficult. It was a good topic ("Gains and Losses - Preparing a Child for the move from Foster Care") but there was so much information we had to cover that it was "Go, Go, Go, Go, Go" and two hours in I was ready for it to be over.

We (I) have started watching a new television show called "Parenthood" and let me tell you: If you ever thought about having kids, you need to watch this show. If it doesn't scare you off then maybe you will make it after all. It's a great show (minor language issues and adult situations) and, as Kerri said, it's really nice to see them present a family that is strong together, committed to their marriage and family but also has to deal with difficult issues. Check it out.

Tonight is our first visit from our social worker, Katey, to start our homestudy. We have two of these visits. The first will be with both of us, together. The second (as yet unscheduled) will be talking to us individually. I guess they want to make sure Kerri hasn't coerced me into adopting.

We are both so excited about this whole process. We have started talking about things in terms of "once the kids are here..." and it adds a new dimension to it all.

After three weeks of back and forth with Rooms To Go, the kids bunk beds are finally completely here and installed. We are not going to buy any bed linens until the boys come so they can pick out their own. We hope it will give them a sense of ownership and a sense of home and permanency.

Keep praying for us and the boys - we (and they) need all we can get. Also, please pray for the foster family where they currently live. One thing we have learned through all this is how strong the attachments the foster family has to them can be and how difficult it can be for them to let go.

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  1. I enjoyed meeting with y'all last week. Now that I've read your blog, I feel badly that I didn't see the bedrooms and new beds ): Look forward to that on the next visit.
    Your blog is great! It is so interesting to read your perspective on the process.