The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wow - it HAS been a long time!

Betcha thought we had given up or decided not to post anything else.  No, it's just that nothing has been happening other than waiting.  And more waiting.

Today we met with the social worker assigned to us by DHR.  She has not been the most impressive person to work with.  The thing that gets me most is that she only works until 4:00.  That means that Kerri has to leave school early so we can both meet with her at 3:00 so she can be on her way home at 4:00.

What social worker works only until 4:00???  I thought it took sacrifice and wanting to help others!

Oh well, she gave us the news that she is leaving DHR and we will be assigned a new social worker.  Don't know who it is yet but we will see.

A most disturbing thing she told us was that she didn't see us being able to adopt without fostering first.  She said in her time with DHR, she had only made one placement.  Way to encourage us!  We were already considering changing to a foster-to-adopt situation so the choice was easy but the news was not.  We will most likely pursue that course soon.

Please continue to pray for patience.

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