The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Kids - Zach & Sean

It is with no hesitation that we say, absolutely, positively that these two boys are our sons.  We had an absolutely fantastic weekend (three days and two nights).

We got them Friday morning at 10:00 and had planned to show them around Montgomery but after stopping by Mike's office and driving by the state capitol, they really just wanted to go home.  And the weather was bad enough that that was a really good idea.  We spent the afternoon playing with Lego's and hanging out.  They desperately wanted to go the pool but the weather had it closed.  Friday night we had pizza and some cut-up veggies.  Then we had ice cream - but we did have veggies!!!!!  We then watched some Disney Channel shows and played with Lego's some more.  We brought them to bed and prayed with them - that was such a parent moment!

Saturday morning, after a breakfast of homemade waffles, we decided to go to the pool as soon as it opened.  Of course there had been lightning in the area so it was delayed in opening but we did eventually get to swim for more than an hour.  Sean showed off his diving board skills (that were quite impressive) and Zach and Mike played volleyball - there was a net over the pool.  Mike showed off his cannonball, and Kerri jumped off the diving board when Sean asked her to try it.  It was fun!

When we left the pool, Mike rode in the bed of the truck with them while Kerri drove slowly around the neighborhood.  We even passed a police car and waved to him.

We had grilled burgers, mac & cheese, green beans and tater tots for dinner and then made a HUGE bowl of popcorn and watched Chicken Run for family time.

Sunday, we went to the 11:00 service at church and got to see several of our friends, and they got to meet Pastor Jay.

Before taking them back to Birmingham, we sat them down for the moment of truth.  We told them that we had really enjoyed having them for the weekend and that, if they would like to, we would really like them to come live with us permanently.  No response.

Kerri then asked "Would you like that?" and they gave a resounding "YES !"

There were hugs and high-fives all around for the next few minutes before we left for Birmingham.

God has blessed us so much through this journey, and we thank Him for his providence, guidance and love.  Thank you for all your prayers - keep going - we just figured out we don't know what we're doing!! :o)

We hope to have them living with us by the end of this week.  We'll let you know when that happens.  Keep praying!!!!!


  1. Very good news. Congratulations! Kids are great and I can say that with some authority even though mine's only little.

  2. so so so excited for you guys. ~ leslie Ellis

  3. So excited for you guys. You are changing the world for these boys! Very inspiring.

  4. So happy! The boys can't wait to meet their new cousins! They are begging to take a trip now. Still praying everything goes smooth from here!
    Lisa Boyd

  5. I'm so happy for ALL of you. It was great to get to know you both, and I hope to meet your boys one of these days! Katey Russell