The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Opening our Home and Hearts. Again.

We decided early this year that we were going to begin the process of adopting a little brother for Zach and Sean.  We started the paperwork, had our fingerprints taken again and turned in everything in late March.  It took two months for the fingerprints to clear (better than last time) and now we're ready to go.

Our social worker is filing our completed paperwork today for us to be approved to adopt again. Please pray with and for us that our new child(ren) are safe and will come home soon. We have decided to look for a boy or two brothers younger than Sean (11).

We have already been looking (, have seen some possibilities and have heard some exciting things but nothing can happen until we are approved. We should be approved by mid-July.

We are also upgrading our availability from straight adoption to foster-to-adopt legal-risk children. What this means is we are willing to accept placement of kids who are not yet able to be adopted (because termination of parental rights (TPR) have not yet been completed) but the kids are going through that process. This makes us a foster home.

Pray that OUR child(ren) are placed with us. We don't mind waiting for TPR but we just don't want us or the boys to be heart-broken because a child placed with us returns to someone in their birth family.

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