The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Play Date

We found out late yesterday that we are going to be able to meet L in Birmingham this weekend, April 5, rather than having to wait another week.


Our plans are a trip to the Zoo if weather permits or, if not, a trip to the McWane Center.  Afterwards, we are going to take him to lunch at the Summit.

We also requested that we be allowed to get him Friday, April 18 (Good Friday) and have him spend Easter weekend with us.  Our social worker says that so far nobody had voiced any reason that can't happen but it's not yet a definite, so keep that on your prayer list.

This is all so exciting and we can't wait for it to unfold.

Unfortunately some things have been said to L that have made him discouraged.  We have dealt with this before in our first adoption but it does not make it any easier when the child you want to adopt tells you the terrible things people say to him about what his future holds if he is indeed adopted.

That an adult, or anyone for that matter, would be so self-absorbed as to try to discourage, delay or prevent what we are trying to do is unbelievable.  We are walking with God and He has led us to this point so we have the faith and peace that He is with us.  Satan does not want for families.

We have done everything we can do, for now, to reassure him.  We have told him that we are praying for him and to be strong but there is only so much we are allowed to say to him at this point in the process.  We can't say "Hold on, it won't be long" because it implies permanency and we are not yet allowed to talk with him about permanency.  It really limits how encouraging we can be and how we have to tread lightly until we have discussed with DHR and then him about our desire for him to come live with us.  We pray that he will be okay until he can come home.

We schedule phone calls twice per week (Mike texts with him daily) and tonight (Thursday, April 3) we get to FaceTime him.  We are all very much looking forward to "seeing" him again.  If you think about it, please stop and say a prayer for him and for us about 7:00 tonight.

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