The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How Long 'til You Get the Kids?

This is our most frequently asked question..."How long?  When will you get the kids?"

We really don't know when.  We have our second Home Visit May 3rd.  Then, we wait.  Our Social Worker will write up "us" and then submit it to APAC - the organization through which we took GPS.  Next, after APAC makes sure all our paperwork is in order (like the fingerprint report we're still waiting on), APAC will send it on to Alabama DHR.  Then, DHR will read it, send it to one of several adoption consultants who will read it and look for a match between us and children who are waiting to be adopted.

It could take a while.

After we are matched, we'lll be called and given some information about the kids.  We can ask for more info about them and start the process of maybe getting to meet them, or we can say no.  Saying no will not diminish our chances of adopting.  We'll then wait for another call about children waiting to be adopted.

We'll keep you posted!!!

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