The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Homestudy and Fingerprints

We just got an email from our Katey Rusell, our social worker: she has finished preparing our homestudy and will be sending it to APAC today!

I also just called the fingerprint clearing house and we (well, Mike at least) have been judged "suitable" as adoptive parents.


Here's what happens next: 

The homestudy goes to APAC for review before sending it to DHR for our final approval as adoptive parents.  This step helps ensure that by the time it gets to DHR nothing has been overlooked and nothing is missing.  There is a slight chance it could still come back for further work but this quality control step helps to reduce the odds that it will.  This process can take about three weeks.

Next, the homestudy goes to DHR for final approval.  Assuming everything checks-out, we will be approved as adoptive parents.  This step can take quite a long time and we anticipate this occurring no sooner than the end of August.

Once we have been approved, we can request information on specific sibling pairs we would like to be considered for.

Keep us in your prayer - we covet them.  There is a LOT of waiting at this point and neither Kerri nor I are good at that.  Especially in THIS, we are both more of a microwave than a  crockpot.

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