The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Friday, March 21, 2014

It's a boy!

Yesterday morning the DHR staff met to review our home study and to see if they concurred that we were a match to the needs of the boy we have been interested in.

We are!

Kerri and Mike will get to meet him next week when his social worker brings him to Montgomery.  and we meet for dinner at a restaurant.  Zach and Sean will not be there since the staff felt it would be best if we got to meet him first; it would be less chaotic and overwhelming.

We can't TELL YOU how excited we are about this!

The plan proposed by the staff is for us to meet him for dinner with our social worker and his social worker.  The next step is to schedule a visit on a Saturday in April somewhere in Birmingham.  The next visit would be for him to spend the weekend with us.

He does not yet know anyone has inquired about him and his social worker is going to meet him over the weekend to tell him about us and show him a scrapbook we made that shows us, our kitties and our home.

There is so much to think about.  So much to plan.  So much to do.

Please keep praying!

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  1. I am so happy for you and this young man. He is blessed if it works out for the adoption and so will all of you! I am praying for the right decision to be made. Also, Happy Birthday, Mike! Aunt Dorothy