The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things are moving...

After the last post, Mike called and spoke with our former county social worker (who is now working at the state office) and asked some questions about how things could be expected to unfold.

For Mike, he just really needed to get a sense of if it was going to be days or weeks.

Well, basically, in order for a visit to occur, all the DHR people involved in the case need to meet and officially sign-off on whether or not we are a match.  While we have been approved to be adoptive parents, we still needed to matched to the boy we asked about before we could schedule a visit and more.

That meeting occurs twice a month, in the first and third weeks.  Based on where we are in the calendar and what was needed to have the meeting, it was not possible for it to happen the first week of April.  So, it appeared our case would be "staffed" during the third week of April.

This is actually a good thing because, assuming we all like each other and we want him to join our family, we have to consider what to do about him finishing the school year where he lives now.  This puts the whole thing so close to the end of the year that he would probably stay put until summer.


Yesterday (Wednesday) I got a call from our social worker and she told me that the county where he lives is not required to stick to that schedule and they would having the staffing meeting today (Thursday)!

What this means is that this afternoon we will know, for sure, whether or not we are officially considered a match and we can then set up our first visit.

What this also means is that, assuming we all like each other, it will be emotionally difficult to have this child that you desperately want at home with you unable to be there because of school.  It is still MUCH more to his benefit to finish the year where he is.

We have talked as a family about how this process would occur and it would mean Friday trips to the county where he lives to pick him up and Sunday trips to take him back.  But we covet whatever the Lord allows for us.  Kerri mentioned this might also help him make the break with his foster family and friends before being uprooted yet again.

Please continue to pray for us.

We are a mixed-bag of emotions and we need peace and guidance on how to proceed in a manner that is best for EVERYONE.  Sean says he is looking forward to it.  Zach says "Sure, whatever."  Kerri says "Wow!" and Mike says "How much is this gonna cost??"  :o)

Our faith is in the Lord and we know He will provide for our every need.

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