The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Furniture and a Fingerprint

Well, today we bought bunk beds for the boys. Now wait, I know you are thinking this is a bit premature but let me explain.

We were going to buy beds. Then we were going to wait. Then we didn't know what we were going to do. Then we talked about it. The way we see it is that if we get two boys that want to sleep together, we're ready. If we get two boys that don't want to sleep together, we're ready. If we get a brother and sister (that really SHOULDN'T sleep together), we're ready. get it?!?!

Click here for a picture that's pretty close to what we got. We think we did all right.

There's another reason we bit the bullet: God spoke.

As we have been saying throughout this process, we have seen the fingerprints and felt the presence of God with every decision we have had to make. That in itself is an answer to prayer. We have specifiaclly asked for his guidance in all that we do. Well, we had talked over the weekend last weekend (Feb 27) and had decided it probably made sense to go ahead and get the beds so that when we have our home study done, we actually had the room set up and the social worker could see our plans rather than just hear about them.

So, when I checked the mail last Monday, there was a flyer from Rooms To Go that was talking about their 19th anniversary with a sale this weekend. It had a coupon where we saved $250 on this bed set. To me, that's a fingerprint.

Please continue to pray for us and the boys. We need all we can get.

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