The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kerri's First Message

Greetings! Mike's been doing a great job, but I thought I should weigh in on what's going on. We are so excited! I love the furniture and we're planning on clearing out the room for the new bunk beds over my Spring Break (Mike has taken off with me the last few years).

I bought some books this weekend - James Dobson's Bringing Up Boys and Dare to Discipline and a book called Wild Things. I'm halfway through Bringing Up Boys. It's great and helpful and overwhelming and making me scared and excited all at the same time! It's helping me think about how to teach my all boys class at school better - but also how to gear myself up for raising boys...and how so much of it will be up to Mike as the father. I got to get a new soccer ball for us at home and a ball glove for Mike and a football...

My biggest fear is that these kids won't want to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I know that we will take them to church, model a Christian life and pray for them (we already are). That's all we can do~God's got a plan, and we're just following it. God is good!

We just spent about 6 hours total crafting our autobiographies. It really made me think about my life growing up. I was so blessed! Some might say I had a charmed life...parents who stayed together and loved us - they are committed Christians who lived their convictions. We have such a loving family - and we both plan to give our kiddos that - lots of love.

No one has commented yet...sad times.

Thanks for reading and for praying for us! Please also pray for our kids!

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  1. Hey! So exciting to read!!! You guys are busy preparing and I am busy praying :o) Love to you both and I am ready to be Auntie Steph!!! Or most likely, they will call me Auntie Pottah :o)