The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Life Story

Well, we just finished what was, for me, probably the hardest part so far in our journey. We spent about two hours yesterday (Saturday) and another 4+ hours today sitting and writing our autobiographies. When we were done, mine was a five and a half page, Times New Roman 12-point essay. I haven't worked or thought that hard since college. In the end, I think Kerri and I were a bit burned out.

I must confess that the process made me go back through some thoughts and issues I haven't dealt with in years. Most of them were issues I could have gone the rest of my life and not lost anything by continuing to ignore them.

Many of the questions they ask to guide you through the writing process are simple enough but when you start to explain, you realize you can't really explain that until you explain this. And you can't just start by explaining this until you give some background on why it was that way. And you can't just start off by giving some background on why it was that way until you talk about some other important piece of information. Get the idea? You keep scratching away until you get to a point where you can really begin and then you've forgotten where you were going with the whole thing!!

And then you have to weigh your impressions as a child against them as an adult and you find yourself wondering if you should even mention something because, as an adult, you think differently. You KNOW differently. You act differently.

The more you write, the more you have to write. The more you have to write, the more you feel you have to explain.

By the time it was all over I don't think I had anything left TO write. I certainly didn't WANT to write anything else.

When we finished, feeling rather proud of our accomplishment, I announced to Kerri that we had just finished the last "large" project for the class. She quickly reminded me about the floor plans, the pictures, the scrapbook and the letter to the kids we have to write.

Oh well, there's no end to the paperwork or our commitment to the plans God has for us. I know He will provide the strength and fortitude just as I know He has already called our kids by name. He has counted every hair on their head and knows the color of their eyes. He knows how many freckles each of them has. In all of this knowledge there is great comfort, peace and excitement that carries us through this process.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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  1. Barb and I are so excited for you. Enjoyed reading the blog! We will be praying. You will be such a blessing to two wonderful, very fortunate, childen!