The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Gain and A Loss

We were SO excited about today! The bunk beds were coming!!! Along with the two dressers! They did come, but they came with some scratches and a broken staircase...sad times. So, we refused a few pieces (very helpful deliveryman) and have put in a call to Rooms To Go to get replacement parts/sections. The boys' room is cleared out, vacuumed, curtains cleaned and ready to go - with some pieces of furniture sitting there, waiting for the rest of the parts to be put together.

We're waiting for our boys to finish decorating the room. They'll get to choose their sheets and other things about the room so that they can feel like it's theirs. We've heard that some children coming from foster care may bring up to a UHaul full of stuff with them when they go from place to place. We'll find the room!

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  1. awesome awesome!!!!! I can't wait to send something for their room when they come! praying for you guys and love you!