The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Meeting...

We met yesterday afternoon with our social worker, Judy, and the boys case worker.  This was our opportunity to talk to them about the boys and their opportunity to ask us questions about the time we spent with them.  Call it an "Exit Interview."

It was pretty much as we expected.  We had a lot to tell them and, given our EXTENSIVE knowledge and history of fostering following YEARS of practice, we had some advice to offer. There were just some things that we thought were causing issues and things we had done that worked really well.  Even in just three days.

Well, as you know, before we had been contacted about the boys, we had looked at several children on Heart Gallery and had made a few requests for more information and preliminary matching.  Friday afternoon Kerri got a call regarding one of the inquiries we had made.

There are two boys we have been matched with and we were able to get more information about them during our meeting on Friday.  We will meet with the boys case worker on Tuesday to go over some more information.

We have told our social worker that, while we are willing to look at these two boys, we have decided to wait until mid-July before we might begin any visits with them.  Our recent experience has left us in somewhat of a daze and, while we have no regrets for the experience, it took an emotional toll from which we are still healing.

Keep us in your prayers.  The fact that we have been potentially matched AGAIN in so short a time is nothing but the hand of God.  We both feel He has been preparing us this spring for a change.  Perhaps the first set of boys was the eye-opener (it really was, actually) but we need and want to be sure that in our eagerness to have a family, we don't make the wrong decision.

Please continue your prayers for discernment and wisdom.  We need every one you can offer!

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