The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Going Ahead

Our Adoption consultants at DHR (two wonderful women) met with many, many people at a "state staffing session" today about the two boys with whom we've been matched and afterwards came by the house to talk about how the session went.  The boys' workers have a good feeling about us, and after hearing about how the meeting went and what they learned, we have a good feeling about the boys.  We were told that there had been a lot of inquiries on the boys but that their case workers felt we were the best match for them.

Our next step is to meet the boys sometime in mid-July.  We would visit sooner but Kerri is going to Virginia the beginning of July to visit her folks.  Mike can't get away - sad times. :(

We are very excited!  We have been asked to create a family scrapbook about our home, our life and us so that the boys' foster parents can show them about us and talk to them about us - to give them permission to get excited about us and the idea of a forever family.  They are both very happy where they are so we expect it will be a tough transition for them.

The Lord has been helping us so much to get ready for this and He has brought us some great DHR and APAC resources so that we can make a great transition together.

Obviously, we have not made any final decisions yet.  We need to meet the boys and they need to meet us and we all need to agree we want to become a family.  We want to invite them to become part of our family because we really feel they need to have a say in the decision.  We want them to take ownership of the decision and not feel like we are just the next stop for them.

Thank you for your prayers!  We need them and covet them.  Please pray for these two boys as well.

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