The Family Moore

The Family Moore

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here we go again...

This morning we met with DHR about the second set of boys. During the two-hour meeting we asked a lot of questions to sort of refine our understanding of issues and our social worker asked us how we felt concerning specific items about which we had been informed.

When we left the meeting, we both felt much better about the possibility. The are having a meeting next week at which time the official state panel will review our qualifications and the boys needs for a definitive match. Assuming we are a match, they will, at some point after that, ask us if we want to proceed.

We feel really good about waiting until mid-July to begin visits. That is probably a large part of our good humor - knowing that we have time to talk and discuss our feelings together. We are putting the brakes on so that we do not feel pressured by either the DHR or our desire for a family.

These two boys are 9 and 11 and will be in 4th and 5th grade next year. They are precisely in the age range we first identified and would not be in the same school with Kerri for their first years. That's a bonus. Although, it will fall to Mike to get them to and from school!!

Thank you for your prayers. Right now we feel positive about where this is headed. We need to continue to lean on the everlasting arms for help, support and guidance.

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